Collection, store and transfer of datas from Derivatograph to PC!

“DERILL” creates the possibilities of computerized data evaluation for the Derivatographs type Q1500D made by MOM. (for other types with additional built-in parts)

OFF LINE data collecting procedure:

in this case Derivatograph and DERILL are connected without computer. (e.g. computer is busy, or not present at place of measuring, etc.) The measured datas are stored in DERILL, and after measuring they are transferable for evaluation to the computer.

ON LINE data collecting procedure:

in this case Derivatograph, DERILL and the computer are connected, consequently the chosen curves are displayed during measurement.

Measured datas:
  • Temperature T °C
  • Thermogravimetry TG mg
  • Differential thermoanalysis DTA °C
  • T: (0………..1500) °C
  • TG: (0………..1500) mg
  • DTA: (-50………+50) °C