If you have got licensed WinderC (for users of Derivatograph C/PC), or Winder (for users of Deivatograph Q1500D + Derill) evaluating software, you have legitimacy to download the up-to-date version of them too ! During installation you will need registered User name, addresse and code of original software. These informations are discoverable under About point in File menu.

If you want to try only our evaluating softwares, you can install them without mentioned informations in Demo mode. In this case you can try all functions with 1. and 2. demo measurements.Your own measurements are evalutable only with fully installed version, of course.

Upgrade WinderC

1. Demo measurement for WinderC
2. Demo measurement for WinderC
3. To download the WinderC evaluation software, please contact us.

Upgrade Winder

1. Demo measurement for Winder
2. Demo measurement for Winder
3. To download the Winder evaluation software, please contact us.