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Derivatograph C/PC











Thermoanaltical instrument controlled by PC

An instrument for the simultaneous determination of T, TG, DTG, DTA, with computerized heating regulation and data collection.

Data storing on hard disc or floppy, curve representation on colour display. Post-processing curve evaluation under DOS (or optionally under WINDOWS(r)), drawing curves and parameters on printer.


o       Heating possibilities:

·            linear

·            isothermal

·            quasi isothermal

·            timed quasi isothermal


             Electronic balance with measuring possibility 0-8 g and 5 programmable sensitivities. All of the balance functions (arresting, desarresting, rough and fine taring, sensitivity regulation, internal weighing calibration) are controlled by the PC.


o       Other specifications

·               Furnaces:           max. 1200 °C (heating element: Kanthal A)

                                                               max. 1600 °C (heating element: graphite in Argon)


·               Heating rates: between 0.5 and 20 °C/min programmable

·               Balance sensitivities: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 mg

·               Crucibles:             parallel Pt in 4 sizes (with cover)

                                                conic Pt in 2 sizes (with cover)

                                                parallel ceramic in 4 sizes (with cover)

                                                labirinth Pt for quasi measures

·               Measuring possibility in inert gas athmosphere


o       Parts of the instrument

·            measuring unit with the balance and furnaces

·            heating regulator unit

·            standard desktop PC



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Collection, store and transfer of datas from Derivatograph to PC !


"DERILL" creates the possibilities of computerized data evaluation for the Derivatographs type Q1500D made by MOM. (for other types with additional built-in parts)


o OFF LINE data collecting procedure:

                  in this case Derivatograph and DERILL are connected without computer. (e.g. computer is busy, or not present at place of measuring, etc.) The measured datas are stored in DERILL, and after measuring they are transferable for evaluation to the computer.


o ON LINE data collecting procedure:

                  in this case Derivatograph, DERILL and the computer are connected, consequently the chosen curves are displayed during measurement.


o Measured datas

·       Temperature T °C

·       Thermogravimetry TG mg

·       Differential thermoanalysis DTA °C


o Ranges:

·             T:  (0...........1500) °C

·             TG:  (0...........1500) mg

·             DTA:  (-50.........+50) °C











Modernisation pack


We produce self-developed "modernisation-pack " for MOM-made DERIVATOGRAPHs. Therefore if you are a DERIVATOGRAPH-C (type 3434) owner, we can form it anew to DERIVATOGRAPH-PC, in which the functions are controlled by a PC.
The most expediant solution, if you have an older, stable computer with 3 ISA connectors for interface cards, we will install it instead of  original „microcomputer” for the control of Derivatograph. 
Evaluation of measurements will be running on a new, faster up-to-date computer, with bigger RAM and WinXP, Win7 op.system, by WINDER evaluation software. You can transport the measured datas by floppy or pen-drive from one computer to the other.
Two separated machines will assure your system against viruses from outside, too.